Bridging the Gap

The Ultimate Guide to Account Based Marketing & Sales Alignment
For Predictable Growth

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Matt Heinz

Heinz Marketing

“Account-based marketing simply doesn’t work unless it is tightly integrated with the sales team’s target account strategy. This e-book outlines numerous focus areas, tactics and best practices to accelerate the impact of your ABM efforts and demonstrate significantly greater marketing impact on sales and revenue in the months ahead.”

"The consumerization of software made every employee a buyer. The internet empowered them. Legacy sales is no longer effective. Sales teams need to engage companies and buyers on a far more personalized level than ever before. ABS is your answer. This eBook nicely aggregates the best practices of understanding, implementing, and measuring  a successful ABS culture."

mark roberge, hubspot account based endorsement

Mark Roberge

CRO, Hubspot
Senior Lecturer, HBS
lars nilsson account based sales development endorsement

Lars Nilsson

VP of Global Sales, Cloudera

"Account-based sales development has changed the game for the SDR. As the quarterback of the hottest new trend in pipeline development, the role is now a “must have.” After aligning our team around an account based approach, we  immediately got more meetings, more referrals, and moved the needle more than we could have ever imagined. This ebook does a fantastic job of covering the specific tactics most organization struggle with."

"The best sales teams have always taken a strategic, focused approach to cracking into key accounts. Now that there’s a label for it (Account-Based Sales Development) my hope is that other organizations will move in the direction of quality over quantity. This ebook gives a framework on how to be strategic and drive collaboration between Sales, Marketing and Account Management, which is crucial for success.”

mark roberge, hubspot account based endorsement

John Barrows

Sales Trainer,
lars nilsson account based sales development endorsement

Max Altschuler

Founder & CEO,

"Across the B2B landscape, the fastest growing companies are all strategically aligned, account-oriented and technology-savvy. This eBook takes a massive topic, account based marketing and selling, and distills it into an actionable, digestible volume tailor-made for the modern B2B business leader."

In this eBook, you'll discover:

Whether you’re a young startup, reaching high-growth, mid-market or even a mature industry incumbent, this eBook will teach you the latest, most innovative ways to streamline the revenue-generating sector of your business by aligning your organization. 

We all know that traditionally sales, marketing, and customer success have worked in silos, but in complex B2B sales, this is absolutely detrimental. Aligning these departments is no longer recommended but demanded. Organizations must ensure that teams are in sync with their counterparts. In this ebook, you'll discover:


About the authors


Jeremy Boudinet is the Director of Marketing for Ambition, a platform that aligns sales, marketing and account management teams via performance goals, employee recognition and real-time analytics. Endorsed by the Harvard Business Review, Ambition is also a 2016 Top Service Provider for the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals.

Email Jeremy at and subscribe to the Ambition Blog for more insights.


William Wickey is the Senior Manager of Content and Media Strategy at LeadGenius. LeadGenius helps B2B sales and marketing teams target and connect with their ideal accounts. Customers such as Box, Gusto, Google, Weebly, Sungevity, Stripe, and Base use LeadGenius’ SaaS platform to scale their outbound lead generation and email outreach.

Email William at or connect with him on Twitter, @wwickey. Learn how LeadGenius can help you connect with every decision maker in your buying universe here.


Brandon Redlinger heads up Growth at PersistIQ. Personalization is key in sales, and automation is key in productivity. PersistIQ lets you do both. Our best-in-class outbound sales technology lets you create multi-touch, multi-channel workflows so you get more meetings set and opportunities in the pipeline.

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